Serving Hillsdale County since 1974

Serving Hillsdale County since 1974
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Nash Drugs, Inc. has been a health advocate for the community, and filling your prescriptions is only the beginning! As a small local business, we have the advantage of being able to focus on researching, as well as providing, innovative wellness services and solutions that are tailored specifically our customer’s and patient’s needs.  We are committed to being YOUR health advocate!

At all NASH DRUGS, INC. locations, we take pride in being an innovative pharmacy by keeping up with technology, services and programs the pharmacy industry is moving towards to benefit the health and well being of all patients.

At the Hillsdale Market Pharmacy and Nash Hillsdale locations, we have a state of the art ScriptPro 100 robot that holds and dispenses 100 of the top dispensed drugs per location.This robot will help fill over 40% of the drugs dispensed per day, allowing our pharmacy technicians to perform other necessary daily pharmacy duties. Our robots did not replace any employees, but they have allowed our pharmacies to maintain accurate services as more and more tasks are necessary in the technicians’ daily routines.

We are always happy to give customers demonstrations on the mechanics of how a robot can put a label on a bottle! All you have to do is ask!

We take pride in being an innovative pharmacy…

 We have photo print makers in downtown Hillsdale and Jonesville. While you wait, we can take your picture for your concealed weapons permit or passport application. We even will take your picture for free according to the necessary application specs needed.mobilerxicon

Keeping up with the demands of cellphones becoming personal computers, customers are able to refill prescriptions using iPhone/Android cell phones using our customized MobileRx app and/or by logging into our website and will receive a text or email when prescriptions are ready for pick up.

ImmunizationsAll locations can provide specialty compounding for customers and their pets and we are now able to provide immunizations at all locations for influenza, pneumonia, and shingle vaccines.Very soon we will be able to provide rapid diagnostic testing for influenza and streptococcal infections and advise customers according to testing outcomes.

Medicare Part D consultations are very important to our customers who are on Medicare or are approaching the day they will go on Medicare. Pharmacists at each location will sit down with customers to review their medication profiles and provide printed materials for the plans that will provide the best prescription coverage, according to their drug regimen.

Medication Therapy Management is a service Medicare Part D plans provide for their insurers, if they have 2 or more disease states and take 4 or more maintenance prescriptions. Pharmacists at each location are told when an insurer qualifies and notifies the insurer of this free service.

FLAVORxOur Prescription Synchronization program will help to align all prescriptions to be refilled at the same time, saving customers valuable time in their busy schedules. We also can use specialized unit dose packaging to help with more accurate medication dosing.

When drugs come in a liquid formulation, you may want us to flavor it to help with administration with our FlavorRx system. This can be especially helpful when a child is prescribed a bitter antibiotic that comes in a liquid form.

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