When a physician wrote a prescription for a patient prior to the 1960’s, most of these prescriptions or recipes, were compounded by a pharmacist by mixing the exact measurements of chemicals together into the dosage form indicated on the prescription.

Today most prescriptions are commercially made and readily available on the market for the pharmacist to dispense. When there is not a commercial product available or when the patient needs the “recipe” in a different dosage form, our trained pharmacists are able to custom make this recipe by hand, with the highest quality chemicals in our compounding laboratory.

Our compounding services include…

Sometimes commercially available pain medications are not in dosage forms that are best for patients’ needs. When a patient isn’t able to swallow pills or capsules, or is nauseous and unable keep a medication in their stomach, we can compound the prescribed drug into a topical cream, suspension, suppository, or other dosage form to aid in precise medication dosing that is better tolerated by the patient.

When hormone levels are low in men, women, children and even animals, a compounding pharmacist will prepare the prescription your physician or veterinarian prescribed, in a variety of strengths and dosage forms which includes gels, foams, suppositories, topical or vaginal creams, capsules, troches, etc.

Growth, menopause, infertility, decreased libido, sleep disturbances, and digestion are some conditions that may be treated with compounded prescriptions.

Our pharmacist can custom compound your child’s prescription if they are prescribed a drug that is not available in a suitable dosage form specific to their needs. Your child’s physician may prescribe medications for a variety of conditions like, oral thrush, head lice, diaper rash, pain relief, etc. and because your pharmacist can develop and prepare the medication in an alternate form, your child will get the necessary medication for treatment.

FLAVORx Medication FlavoringWhen a medication is dosed in a liquid form, there may be times we need to mask the taste of the drug by flavoring it with our FLAVORx system. Because we have hundreds of taste buds that tell our brain to say ‘Yum!’ or ‘Yuk!’. If the ‘Yuk!’ word comes out of our children’s mouths, we may not be able to get their medication past their tightly sealed lips next time they see the teaspoon. Adults and even pets may need flavoring encouragement to swallow their medications. Check with your pharmacist to see which flavoring options are available.

There are many commercially available topical products from which a physician may choose for their patient to treat a variety of disease states, including rashes. When a physician prescribes a product on the market, they can choose to add any number of additional chemicals specific to treat a topical condition. Your pharmacist may compound a prescription from compounding supplies, or may only need to add additional chemicals to a commercially available product, to complete the prescription’s order. Compounded topical preparations include creams, gels, ointments, pastes, and lotions.

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