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Nash Drugs Pharmacist Paul Landini offers tips on how to combat cold and flu.Nash Drugs’ pharmacists are trained understand the needs of our patients and offer personalized services that can empower informed decision making, giving peace of mind and relief from the stress that accompanies health issues, plus facilitate ongoing cost savings.

This connection between our pharmacists and the community enhances our values of dignity, integrity, service and compassion for our work and we are focused on protecting and helping individuals stay healthy and reduce risks to their overall health.

Medicare Part D consultations are very important to our customers who are on Medicare or are approaching the day they will go on Medicare. Pharmacists at each of our locations will sit down with customers to review their medication profiles and provide printed materials for the plans that will provide the best prescription coverage, according to their drug regimen.

Medication Therapy Management is a service Medicare Part D plans provide for their insurers, if they have 2 or more disease states and take 4 or more maintenance prescriptions.Pharmacists at each location are told when an insurer qualifies and notifies the insurer of this free service.

When you fill a new prescription your physician has prescribed for you, you will receive a free Prescriptions Consultation along with a drug monograph. A drug monograph is information about the drug or drugs your new prescription was filled for, specifying the kinds and amounts of ingredients a drug may contain. The monograph will also explain directions for the drug’s use, conditions the drug may be used for, possible side effects and contraindications to its use.

All Nash Drugs locations can provide specialty compounding for customers and their pets and we are now able to provide immunizations at all locations for influenza, pneumonia, and shingle vaccines. Very soon we will be able to provide rapid diagnostic testing for influenza and streptococcal infections and advise customers according to testing outcomes. When drugs come in a liquid formulation, you may want us to flavor it to help with administration with our FlavorRx system. This can be especially helpful when a child is prescribed a bitter antibiotic that comes in a liquid form.

Our Health Mart Prescription Savings Club offers savings on prescription generics and brand name medications. If you or a member of your family are uninsured or under insured, for a $5 membership fee per family per year, you will benefit by paying $5 for 30 days or $14 for 90 days on a select generic drugs effective immediately.



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