Prescription Consultations

Dr. Craig Lee, PharmD Nash Drugs

When you fill a new prescription your physician has prescribed for you, you will receive a free drug consultation along with a drug monograph. A drug monograph is information about the drug or drugs your new prescription was filled for, specifying the kinds and amounts of ingredients a drug may contain.

The monograph will also explain directions for the drug’s use, conditions the drug may be used for, possible side effects and contraindications to its use. These monographs are a great source for you to reference back to, if you get home and want to review what the pharmacist shared at the pharmacy with you.

During the consultation, the pharmacist will explain the purpose of the medication. The pharmacist will also explain how and when to take your medication. Most medications have the potential to cause minor side effects and during a drug consultation the pharmacist will point these out. The pharmacist will also explain if there is a potential drug, vitamin or food interaction with the new medication and may be able to recommend how to avoid such interactions by dosing the new medication differently.

You may request a drug consultation at any time, with any medication, even if you have been taking the medication for a length of time. Our job is to help you to understand your medication’s importance to your overall well being and our pharmacists are always available to talk to you on the phone or in person.


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