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Make Health Your Resolution in 2018

Make 2018 your healthiest year yet! The start of a new year is a great time to focus on your health. Here are some practical health-related resolutions that aren’t ‘lose weight’ but ones that promote self-care and good health. Use these tips to boost your well-being!

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January 2018 Sale Flyer

Check out our special offers for January and Save Big! Instant savings and in-store coupons on brand name items.
January Special: Save with Health Mart Brand Adult Tussin DM: Cough + Chest Congestion DM 4 oz.: $4.99  – BUY ONE GET ONE FREE
* Available at Nash Drugs Jonesville and downtown Hillsdale only.

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December 2017 Newsletter

Nash Drugs publishes a newsletter every month that focuses on Health and Wellness.  In each you’ll find helpful information about a variety of subjects that can help you become more informed and proactive with your health, as well as that of your loved ones.
In this issue…

  • Medicare Update…Do you know these Coverage Terms ?
  • Safe Winter Driving… Plan Ahead and Slow Down 
  • Stay Alert and Informed… Avoid Food Drug Interactions
  • Time To Update Your Routine?… Dental Health Needs Change with Age
  • Rx Gourmet… Pear and Blue Cheese Salad
  • Protect Your Vision… Control Your Diabetes
  • December is… National Impaired Driving Month
  • Did You Know… Beating Holiday Stress

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Flu Shot Clinic @ Hillsdale Market Pharmacy!

Keep yourself and your loved ones safe this holiday season! Join us next Wednesday, December 20th @ Nash Drugs Market Pharmacy for a FLU SHOT CLINIC.  There is no cost to Medicare patients and we can bill your insurance PLUS receive a $5 Off Coupon on your next gift purchase at our Hillsdale and Jonesville Nash Drugs locations!

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Measles… It isn’t just a little rash.

You may be hearing a lot about Measles (Rubeola) lately… And all of this news on TV, social media, Internet, newspapers and magazines may leave you wondering what you as a parent really need to know about this disease. Check out the list of links we’ve put together, along with infographics and video, of the most important facts about measles for parents like you.

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Pharmacy Symbols and Their Meanings

Mortar and PestleThe mortar and pestle has long been used as a pharmaceutical symbol. Pharmacists would use the mortar and pestle to crush and mix ingredients to cure diseases. The mortar and pestle are tools of traditional pharmacy, an easily recognizable visual motif.

Rx is the symbol meaning "prescription". According to most sources, it's an abbreviation of the Latin word "recipere" and appears at the start of prescriptions. Literally, the word recipe means simply "Take..." as prescribed and compounded by the apothecary.

bowlhygieiaThe bowl with a snake coiled around it is called the 'Bowl of Hygieia' with the serpent of Epidaurus and is the internationally recognized symbol of pharmacy (the profession). Hygieia was the daughter of Aesculapius, one of the Greek gods of medicine, and was herself the Greek Goddess of Good Health. Her symbol was a serpent drinking from a bowl, the snake being wisdom, immortality and healing.

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