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Pregnant Women Need a Flu Shot

Only half of pregnant women protect their babies against the flu. Time to bump it up! With only half of pregnant moms getting their flu vaccine, too many remain unprotected despite flu shots helping to protect pregnant women and their babies from potentially serious illness during and after pregnancy.

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What To Do If You Get the Flu

Getting the flu isn’t on your top-10 wish list, right? But just in case you get sick this flu season, here’s a list of 10 things you can do to help ease your symptoms—and to stop the flu in its tracks and protect others.

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Flu Vaccinations Now Available!

Flu season is upon us… Are you ready?… Nash Drugs is ready to help you get ready!Peak flu season is usually January and flu season can last until March or April, but getting the vaccine early is key. Flu shots are available at all Nash Drugs locations every year through November. We are currently offering the Fluzone Quadrivalent and the Fluzone High Dose Trivalent immunizations. The high dose is recommended for the elderly only since their immune system can weaken over time.

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September 2017 Sales Flyer

Check out our special offers for September and Save Big! Instant savings and in-store coupons on brand name items.
September Special: Save with Health Mart Brand Omeprazole; Acid Reducer Tablets, 14 + 14 Tablets Bonus.

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Nash Drugs voted ‘Best of the Best’ in Hillsdale County

Thank you so much, Hillsdale County! We appreciate your patronage of our locally owned, independent pharmacy through out the years we have been in business in Hillsdale County, Michigan .

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Pharmacy Symbols and Their Meanings

Mortar and PestleThe mortar and pestle has long been used as a pharmaceutical symbol. Pharmacists would use the mortar and pestle to crush and mix ingredients to cure diseases. The mortar and pestle are tools of traditional pharmacy, an easily recognizable visual motif.

Rx is the symbol meaning "prescription". According to most sources, it's an abbreviation of the Latin word "recipere" and appears at the start of prescriptions. Literally, the word recipe means simply "Take..." as prescribed and compounded by the apothecary.

bowlhygieiaThe bowl with a snake coiled around it is called the 'Bowl of Hygieia' with the serpent of Epidaurus and is the internationally recognized symbol of pharmacy (the profession). Hygieia was the daughter of Aesculapius, one of the Greek gods of medicine, and was herself the Greek Goddess of Good Health. Her symbol was a serpent drinking from a bowl, the snake being wisdom, immortality and healing.

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